The Hunger Games: Chapters 22-24

by Laurie Laurendeau on July 24, 2012

Chapter 22 Summary:

  • Kat is dreaming of home – wakes up to Peeta telling her there’s a lot of blood around her – from her head
  • She is weak, Peeta feels much better after the shot of medicine
  • It’s raining, the two of them have a moment – they kiss – Kat almost admits that she cares for him
  • She drifts off to sleep
  • Next day – raining all day, do nothing
  • No more gifts arrive from Haymitch – Kat figures he’s looking for something more than a quick kiss
  • She decides to try to get Peeta to talk about his crush on her – he does – said it started when he was 5
  • Kat begins to realize that the two of them pretending to be in love may actually be true
  • Kat tells him he doesn’t have any competition anywhere (for her affection)
  • Parachute appears with rolls, goat cheese, apples, and lamb stew
  • Peeta figures Haymitch got tired of watching them starve, Kat knows better

Chapter 23 Summary:

  • They slowly eat some of the food
  • They talk about how if they win the Games, that they’ll each have a house in Victor Village, alongside Haymitch
  • They banter about Haymitch, knowing the crowd will eat it up
  • Kat asks Peeta how he thinks Haymitch won the Games himself
  • They decide he must have outsmarted the others
  • The anthem plays, they learn that Thresh is dead
  • Kat has mixed feelings, because he let her go, but it is one less tribute
  • They surmise that Cato is likely injured, because he and Thresh likely battled it out.  They think Foxface will be hard to catch
  • They both agree that they can’t nod off on watch tonight
  • Kat sleeps, Peeta’s on watch.  She wakes up, eats, he sleeps
  • There are 4 tributes left
  • They eat, then decide to get on the move – to go to the camp where Kat and Rue were
  • Peeta is so noisy walking through forest – he finally suggests that they split up, he can gather food, she can hunt.  She’s afraid Cato will get him (vulnerable)
  • Kat teaches Peeta an easy tune to whistle back and forth – she goes off, not far, gets 2 rabbits and a squirrel
  • Realizes she hasn’t heard whistle for a while, runs back, sees Peeta’s stuff but not him
  • He was collecting berries further downstream
  • Peeta offers Kat some berries, she looks at them closely – recognizes them as “nightlock” = poisonous
  • She also notices that part of the cheese is missing, but they both deny having eaten it
  • Suddenly the cannon fires – Foxface is dead – she ate the cheese and the berries
  • Peeta realizes it’s his kill

Chapter 24 Summary:

  • Peeta is about to throw away the poisonous berries, but Kat decides to put them in a pouch and maybe drop it (in case Cato comes along, he might eat them)
  • They decide to build a fire to cook rabbits and squirrel
  • They watch for Cato, he doesn’t come
  • They pack up, on the move again.  Peeta asks if they can go back to cave, Kat agrees.
  • They travel through water (quieter)
  • Get to cave, Peeta sleeps.  Kat thinks of Cato, what his angle might be
  • They figure the Gamemakers will try to do something to get the 3 of them together soon
  • They go down to stream to wash up, the stream is bone dry.  They figure they’re herding them to the lake, in the open, for a bloody battle.
  • They leave cave, check ponds for water, bone dry
  • Head to the plain – it’s early evening
  • They wait by the lake in plain sight
  • Kat sings, mockingjays mimic her, then they start making strange noises
  • Suddenly, Cato is running full speed out of the woods, running towards them
  • Kat shoots an arrow at his chest, it falls aside.  He has on armor, but no other weapons
  • He runs straight through Kat and Peeta
  • They see creatures leaping onto the plain
  • They take off in the same direction as Cato



  1. Haymitch sends them a food gift.  How do Peeta and Kat interpret Haymitch’s reasoning for sending the gift so differently?
  2. Find 5 tricky vocabulary words, and write each of them in a sentence of your own.


  1. Why does Kat have mixed feelings when she learns of Thresh’s death?
  2. How does Foxface die?


  1. Why was the stream completely dried up?
  2. Write a summary of Chapter 24.


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