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Giggle Learn offers One-on-One tutoring services as well as Small-Group Instruction. Our location

My students call me “Miss Laurie”, and I am a teacher, private tutor, and founder of Giggle Learn.  Most of my students live in Carmel, Indiana, and in Zionsville, IN.  I have been a teacher and tutor since 1995. I offer one-on-one private tutoring to students from Pre-K to 7th grade after school during the school year and during the summer as well.  I also offer a program called “BOOST” which provides grade-leveled groups for Math and Language for students in 1st to 7th grades.

Giggle Learn’s One-On-One Tutoring is a great option for students who might be struggling in certain areas such as Math, Beginning Reading, Reading Comprehension, and so on.  Some parents choose one-on-one tutoring for students who are on grade level but want to ensure their child doesn’t fall behind, and still others have children who need additional enrichment opportunities.  When a child first arrives, we assess his/her skills which we then evaluate and use to create an individualized program. The one-hour sessions are Monday-Friday after school.  Some weekend times may also be available.

The “BOOST” program has 2-4 students working with one tutor on Math and/or Language at their grade level.  Parents sometimes feel that their child simply needs a little extra support with their academic needs.  Our “BOOST” program is perfect for students who need a helping hand with some of the more difficult skills and concepts being taught at their grade level.  The program is intended for students who are on grade-level, or close to it.  The BOOST program provides a little extra “boost” in students’ confidence and academics.  The one-hour sessions are on Sunday afternoons.  Some weekday times may also be available.

Giggle Learn Tutoring and the “BOOST” program both operate from one location in west Carmel, IN.  There are 2 adjoining teaching rooms, full of many resources and manipulatives.

I would be happy to discuss if one of these options would work for any of your children.  Some families may choose 1:1 tutoring, while others may prefer the “BOOST” program, and still others may prefer a combination of the two programs. As you can see, there are many choices for you and your child.

The following table compares the One-on-One Tutoring program with the “BOOST” program:

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.


“BOOST” (Small Groups)


Pre-Kindergarten to 7th Grade                 (may offer 8th grade also)

  • 1st to 7th grade
  • Groups will be offered based on interest at each grade level
  • Students struggling with certain skills or concepts
  • Students who wish to maintain or improve current academic standings
  • Students who wish to be challenged
  • Students and families who need homework help
  • Students who need organizational/study skills
The BOOST program is not suitable for all students.  Laurie will determine if she thinks the BOOST program would be appropriate for your child.  BOOST is for students who are working on grade-level (or close to), and for those who would benefit from extra skill practice at their grade level.  Students will ‘boost’ their skills and confidence through hands-on activities, lessons, and fun games!

                  Weekdays after school,                          maybe some weekend hours

               Sunday afternoons,                         maybe weekdays after school


        Individualized Program created                        for the child’s specific needs

       Skills being taught in child’s                   grade level at school


Math, Language, Homework Completion, Organizational and Study Skills

Math and/or Reading

Help with school homework?

Yes, if parent wishes


Study for tests?



Tutor assigns homework?
  • Maybe – if parent requests
  • Yes for beginner readers



May be possible with 24 hrs. notice


  • Open-ended (no contract)
  • 30-day notice of cancellation required
  • Register for school year                   (Sessions 1 & 2)

Session 1:                                                            August – December

Session 2:                                                            January – May


Please call for rates and availability.

Please call for rates and availability.

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