The Hunger Games: Chapters 25-27

by Laurie Laurendeau on July 31, 2012

These are the final chapter summaries and follow-ups for The Hunger Games.  I hope you have enjoyed the book as much as I did, and I hope that the follow-up questions helped your child better understand and enjoy the story!

Chapter 25 Summary:

  • The creatures were “Muttations”
  • They all run for the cornucopia, Cato gets up high, Kat follows him, Peeta is struggling
  • Mutt tries to get Peeta, Kat shoots it with arrow
  • One Mutt jumps onto cornucopia, Kat looks into its eyes – realizes it’s Glimmer (a tribute)
  • She realizes that all the Mutts are dead tributes!  Kat wonders if they have the tributes’ memories
  • They all struggle, then Cato gets a hold of Peeta
  • Kat wants to shoot an arrow at Cato’s head, but knows that he would fall to his death and bring Peeta with him
  • Peeta traces an “X” on Cato’s hand in blood, Kat shoots an arrow into his bare hand, Cato falls off cornucopia, Kat dives to catch Peeta
  • Cato battles with the Mutts on the ground, but no cannon is heard.
  • Night falls, anthem plays, somehow Cato is not dead
  • Peeta’s leg is badly injured – Kat makes a tourniquet
  • They hear Cato moaning as Mutts pick away at him
  • At dawn, Kat shoots an arrow into Cato’s skull – he dies
  • Kat and Peeta are happy (sort of) – they won!
  • They climb down off cornucopia, go to lake
  • Claudius Templesmith announces that the “earlier revision has been revoked” – there can only be one winner!
  • Peeta picks up his knife, Kat her bow and arrow, and Peeta throws his knife in the lake.  Kat is ashamed.  They plead with each other to be the one who dies.
  • Kat pulls out poison berries, they decide to both take them
  • Just as they do, Claudius says, “Stop!  You are both winners!”

Chapter 26 Summary:

  • Hovercraft comes, ladder comes down, Kat and Peeta both freeze to the ladder
  • Peeta’s leg is still badly bleeding – in hovercraft , he goes unconscious
  • Doctors operate on Peeta, Kat watches
  • Hovercraft lands of roof, they take Peeta, but leave Kat behind
  • She throws herself at the glass door, someone gives her a shot
  • When she wakes up, she’s in a room with a bed.  She’s cleaned up, and her hearing is back
  • She’s restrained in the bed, Avox girl comes in with food
  • She asks Avox if Peeta made it, she nods yes
  • Kat wants to get out of bed, but when she tries, a liquid gets shot into her veins
  • Then, she’s no longer attached to tubes – no longer restrained.  She gets up, goes outdoors, goes to find Peeta.  Her skin and nails etc.. are perfect
  • She sees Haymitch, Effie and Cinna – runs to them
  • Kat asks again about seeing Peeta, they say they want the reunion of Kat and Peeta to be live at the ceremony
  • Kat goes with Cinna to get ready – feasts
  • He dresses her in a pretty yellow dress – for Peeta
  • Kat thinks there’s something more to it – a warning?
  • Haymitch whispers to Kat that she’s in trouble, that the Capitol’s furious about her showing them up in the arena
  • He tells her that her only defense is love – she says no problem
  • She waits to rise up on platform into arena

Chapter 27 Summary:

  • The crowd roars, Kat and Peeta go up into arena
  • Kat sees him, flings herself into his arms, she sees he has a cane
  • They kiss for 10 minutes, Kat wonders if Peeta knows of the danger they’re in
  • Haymitch shoves them towards the victor’s chair
  • They sit closely on the loveseat, and everyone watches (on a screen) the highlights of the Games
  • Kat feels as though she’s part of the audience, not a member of the Games
  • President Snow crowns the 2 of them, and gives Kat a dirty look
  • She knows he thinks of her as the instigator, the one whose idea it was to both eat the berries
  • Caesar Flickerman says goodnight to the audience, tells them to watch the final interviews tomorrow
  • Peeta and Kat go to the president’s mansion for a victory banquet
  • They go back up to 12th floor – Kat wants to speak to Peeta alone, but Portia whisks him off to get fitted for interview
  • Haymitch says they can talk when they get home – interview is at 2:00pm
  • Kat goes to bed, then gets up in the night to go see Peeta, but finds out that her room’s door has been locked from the outside – goes back to bed
  • Next morning, gets up, gets ready – Kat’s nervous she’s being watched
  • During the interview, they confirm with Peeta that he’s loved Kat since he was 5
  • She says she knew she loved him the night she shouted out his name from the tree
  • Kat discovers Peeta has a prosthetic leg – she is upset, but doesn’t want to cry
  • Caesar now asks Kat about the berries – she says she couldn’t bear the thought of being without Peeta.  Haymitch is pleased.
  • Kat goes back to her room, gets mockingjay pin, then they drive through the streets in a car to the train
  • Haymitch and Effie are with them on the train
  • Kat tries to transform herself into her old self again
  • She suddenly feels uncomfortable around Peeta
  • Train stops, Peeta gathers flowers (that are really tops of onions that remind Kat of Gale)
  • Haymitch tells them to “keep it up in the district”
  • Peeta’s confused, Kat tells him about the Capitol not liking her antics and about Haymitch coaching her
  • He begins to realize that Kat was maybe only acting like she loved him – he questions her – she says it wasn’t all an act
  • Peeta boards train, disappears until they arrive at District 12
  • Kat is confused, doesn’t even know how she feels about Gale anymore
  • Upon arrival, Peeta extends his hand, says, “one more time?  For the audience?” – his voice is hollow
  • They hold hands – Kat is dreading the moment she will have to let go…



  1. When Claudius Templesmith announces yet another change in the rules, how do Kat and Peeta immediately react?
  2. Why do they decide to both eat the berries?


  1. Why is Kat forbidden to see Peeta before the ceremony?
  2. Explain why Kat is now in danger.


  1. How does Kat explain the situation with the berries?  Does her explanation please the Capitol?  How?
  2. How do you think Kat truly feels about Peeta at the end of the story?
  3. What did Kat mean when she said that she was “dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go”? (of Peeta’s hand)
  4. How do you think the next book will begin?


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