The Hunger Games: Chapters 19-21

by Laurie Laurendeau on July 17, 2012

Chapter 19 Summary:

  • Kat regrets calling out Peeta’s name
  • She guesses that the audience must love the “star-crossed lovers” story so much, which is why they changed the rules
  • Kat goes to sleep
  • She wants to find Peeta
  • She starts a fire to distract others to go to it, and she heads off toward the stream to track down Peeta
  • She sees blood on a rock, and some fabric
  • Finds Peeta, lying in mud under leaves, completely camouflaged, leg badly injured, he can’t move
  • Kat rolls him to river bank, slowly cleans him up
  • He doesn’t want to eat, she makes him
  • Kat tries to fix his leg as best she can
  • They walk 50 yards, he can’t go any further
  • They find a cave, Kat puts Peeta in sleeping bag in cave
  • He’s talking like he’s going to die, she tells him to stop
  • She kisses him (her first kiss)
  • Parachute comes down with a  pot of broth
  • Kat understands that one kiss = one pot of broth
  • She kisses Peeta awake

Chapter 20 Summary:

  • Peeta eats some more, falls asleep, Kat keeps watch
  • Next morning, Kat tends to his wounds, then she goes to sleep
  • Peeta’s fever breaks, but his leg looks bad – blood poisoning
  • Kat decides to make soup, Peeta doesn’t want her to light a fire
  • Kat goes to stream – finds hot rocks in the sun, puts them in pot and makes a soup, goes back to Peeta in the cave
  • Peeta asks her to tell him a story – she tells him how she got Prim’s goat “Lady” – she tells Peeta that she sold her mother’s locket to get the goat.  The real story was that Gale and Kat shot arrows at a buck, and sold it to the butcher, then bought an injured goat, and Kat’s mom and Prim got him healthy.
  • Suddenly, they hear Claudius Templesmith inviting them for a feast
  • Kat doesn’t want to go, then Claudius announces that they all need something desperately (medicine for Peeta’s leg)
  • Kat wants to go, Peeta wants to go with her
  • Silver parachute comes down – a vial of sleep syrup
  • Kat mashes berries, mint leaves and syrup, goes back to Peeta, gives him the “sugar berries”
  • He questions them, and at his 3rd mouthful he realizes it’s really sleep syrup, he gives Kat an evil look, then he loses consciousness.

Chapter 21 Summary:

  • Kat camouflages Peeta in cave, prepares her weapons, water
  • Crawls back into cave with Peeta, doesn’t want to sleep, afraid she’ll miss dawn
  • She sets off for arena, no one’s there at first
  • A table with backpacks pops up in front of cornucopia with the District’s numbers on them.  Kat’s is tiny and orange
  • Foxface then jumps out of cornucopia, grabs hers, runs off into the woods – clever
  • Kat runs in for hers next.  A knife comes at her, she deflects it with her bow, shoots a bow at Clove’s heart, she turn and it hits her arm instead
  • Kat now gets a 2nd knife in the forehead (from Clove).  Clove pins her down, taunts her with talk of Peeta and Rue
  • Kat calls out to Peeta, nothing.  Clove knows he’s not guarding her
  • Clove starts to put her knife in Kat’s mouth (to kill her), and suddenly she’s being lifted off of Kat by Thresh
  • Clove shouts out to Cato (ally), but he’s too far away
  • Thresh hits Clove’s head with a rock, she dies
  • Thresh learns that Clove killed Rue, which is likely why he killed her.  He also discovers that Kat tried to help Rue, so he spares her life, says they’re even
  • Thresh tells Kat to run, she does
  • Thresh takes his own backpack, and Cato’s backpack as well
  • Kat goes back to Peeta (with tiny backpack)
  • Inside backpack is a needle, and she gives Peeta a shot.



  1. What is Kat’s explanation for the sudden change in the rules of the Games?
  2. Why does Kat think they were gifted the pot of broth?


  1. Why did Kat not tell Peeta the real story of how she got Prim’s goat?
  2. Name 2 ways Kat shows us in this chapter that she is quite clever.


  1. Why does Thresh spare Kat’s life?
  2. Write a summary of Chapter 21.


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