The Hunger Games: Chapters 16-18

by Laurie Laurendeau on July 10, 2012

Chapter 16 Summary:

  • The girls eat 2 eggs that Rue found
  • Kat learns more about Careers’ camp from Rue
  • They leave a boy in charge of guarding their food
  • Kat thinks something’s fishy about that
  • Rue says she loves music, singing with mockingjays
  • Kat gets Rue set up, and goes off to Careers’ camp
  • Rue first teaches Kat her mockingjay signal – says to sing it to indicate she’s OK, but can’t get back to Rue
  • Kat sets off, sees Careers’ camp – sees 4 tributes
  • Supplies are spread out around the perimeter, Kat’s suspicious
  • Might be booby-trapped
  • Meanwhile, Rue lights a fire, Careers see it, argue whether the boy guarding should come with them or not
  • We learn that Peeta is alive, but wounded by Careers
  • They all go, say they’re out to kill “her” (Kat)
  • A girl named Foxface suddenly appears, and tiptoes across the Careers’ camp and steals enough food to not tip them off
  • Kat realizes the land is mined
  • She shoots 3 arrows at a bag of apples, apples spill out, Kat’s blown backwards into the air (she was trying to set off the mine to destroy their food)

Chapter 17 Summary:

  • There are many explosions, they last around 1 minute, all is destroyed in the Careers’ camp
  • Kat wants to escape, but is disoriented, can’t walk or hear properly
  • She starts to crawl, a few more stray mines go off
  • Boys return, angry, Kat’s hiding, boys look for anything to salvage – nothing – they kill District 3 boy (the one who set up the mines)
  • Hovercraft retrieves the boy, and we find out another boy died today also
  • Careers go to hunt, Kat hides
  • 8 tributes left
  • Kat doesn’t have her sleeping bag anymore, so she makes a bed, sleeps
  • Wakes up, hears something (she’s happy to know that she has hearing back in her right ear at least)
  • Foxface is at destroyed camp, collects a metal pot and knife
  • Foxface hears something, takes off
  • Kat starts to try to make her way back to Rue, gets there, no Rue
  • Kat decides to go looking for her – goes to place where Rue was to set off the 3rd fire.  She leaves mint leaves on ground as a signal to Rue that she’d been there
  • Kat realizes that the 3rd fire never got lit
  • Kat hears mockingjay’s tune – she knows Rue’s alright
  • Then Kat hears a scream, sees Rue caught in a net, then a spear goes into Rue

Chapter 18 Summary:

  • Kat shoots arrow at boy who speared Rue, he dies
  • She goes to Rue, asks if there are others, she nods no
  • Rue is badly injured, asks Kat to sing to her
  • Mockinjay repeats the song
  • Rue dies
  • Kat thinks of Peeta’s words from earlier, about not wanting to be “owned” by the Capitol – she finally understands his words
  • Kat goes into woods, gathers flowers, lays them on Rue
  • A silver parachute falls – loaf of bread –Kat recognizes it as something from District 11 – unusual to give a gift outside of own District, knows it was meant for Rue
  • Kat climbs tree, falls asleep.  6 tributes left
  • Next day, takes inventory of supplies, decides she needs to hunt
  • Starts a fire, cooks birds she’s shot, hoping to attract visitors, but no one comes
  • Suddenly, trumpets are heard, then an announcement
  • They’re calling the tributes together for a banquet (there might be a feast, or one loaf of bread…)
  • Kat wants to go – not for food, but to take out a few competitors
  • Claudius Templesmith does not announce a feast, but rather a change in the rules
  • He announces that BOTH tributes from any given District can win the Games together
  • Kat calls out Peeta’s name



  1. Why does Foxface tiptoe across the Careers’ camp?
  2. Why does Kat shoot an arrow at the bag of apples?


  1. Katniss shouts Rue’s name so she knows that Rue’s near, but why else did Kat shout out her name?
  2. Find 5 tricky vocabulary words, and write each of them in a sentence of your own.


  1. Kat remembers Peeta’s words on the roof: “Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to…to show the Capitol they don’t own me.  That I’m more than just a piece in their Games.”  And for the first time, I understand what he means.   What happened to make Kat understand Peeta’s words?  What did she mean?
  2. What major event happened that changed the rules of the Games?  How do you think this will affect both Kat and Peeta?


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