The Hunger Games: Chapters 4-6

by Laurie Laurendeau on June 12, 2012

Here are chapters 4-6 of The Hunger Games.  As I mentioned last week, the chapter summaries are intended for the adult to read over, and the follow-up are for your child.  Enjoy!

Chapter 4 Summary:

  • Kat sees Peeta as kind.  She decides that could be dangerous.
  • Kat decides to have as little to do with Peeta as possible
  • We learn that Kat knows about edible and medicinal plants
  • She’s named “Katniss” after a water plant
  • Kat thinks about her family.  She feels lonely, and falls asleep
  • The next day, they eat breakfast
  • Haymitch gives them advice: “Stay alive”.
  • Peeta is angry – he hits Haymitch’s glass, it breaks, and Haymitch punches Peeta.  Haymitch sees that Peeta is a fighter.
  • Kat throws a knife across the room, which impresses Haymitch
  • Haymitch tells Kat and Peeta: no matter what, don’t resist the stylists
  • The train rolls into the station, people outside point at the train eagerly
  • Peeta waves and smiles at the crowd
  • Kat thinks he’s already planning a strategy, which means he’s probably also out to get her

Chapter 5 Summary:

  • Kat is in the Remake Center – getting cleaned, hair removed
  • Cinna (the stylist) enters, they eat
  • He tells Kat that he and Portia (Peeta’s stylist) want them in complementary costumes for the opening ceremony
  • They are supposed to wear something to the opening ceremony that represents the tributes’ district’s main industry.
  • District 12’s industry is coal mining
  • They are getting a fire costume
  • During the opening ceremonies, Kat and Peeta go by chariot to the City Circle, where there are crowds of people in the streets
  • Peeta and Kat are asked to hold hands as they entered the city
  • The crowd cheers for District 12, which is unusual
  • The audience loves Kat and Peeta
  • Peeta compliments Kat – she doesn’t want to get lured into Peeta being too nice to her

Chapter 6 Summary:

  • The Tower at the Training Center is the home for the tributes until the Games begin
  • They have plush living quarters
  • A red-headed girl serves a cake, Kat recognizes her, but can’t think of from where
  • The adults tell her that there’s no way she could know an “Avox”
  • An Avox is someone who’s committed a crime, and their tongue has been cut out so they can no longer speak
  • Peeta and Kat go up on the rooftop
  • Kat tells him where she recognized the girl from – one day, Kat and Gale were in the woods, and suddenly a hovercraft came down, dropped a net, and pulled a girl up and spear-shot a boy.  They vanished into thin air.  The girl saw Kat as she screamed.  Kat didn’t do anything.
  • Peeta asks about Gale
  • Kat tells Peeta that his father brought her cookies when they were leaving for the Capitol
  • Peeta tells Kat that his dad knew Kat’s mother since they were children
  • Kat goes back to her room, and sees the red-headed girl.  She wants to apologize to her, but she is ashamed, and she simply goes to bed.



  1. How did Katniss get her name?
  2. What are some adjectives that Haymitch would use to describe Peeta and Kat’s personalities by the end of the chapter?


  1. Why do Peeta and Kat get dressed in fire outfits?
  2. Why is Kat uncomfortable with Peeta being nice to her?


1. What is an Avox?

2. Find 5 tricky vocabulary words, and write each of them in a sentence of your own.


  • As always, playing math games at home is a great way to reinforce math skills learned in school.
  • Have questions or ideas about this story?
  • Need help or advice about your child’s learning?
  • Have ideas for future Parent Homework Help stories?

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