Joke of the Week: Where do horses live?

by Laurie Laurendeau on January 26, 2012

Children LOVE telling jokes.  Kids often tell a joke and giggle hysterically, but often they don’t really understand why the joke is even funny.  That is because most jokes are play-on-words, or they are funny because a word in the joke might have two meanings, or the word could be a homonym.  Being able to interpret multiple meanings of words is an important reading comprehension skill. So, why not encourage your child’s love of joke-telling, and make it an educational experience at the same time?!

JOKE: Where do horses live?

ANSWER: In a neigh-borhood!

EXPLANATION: The sound a horse makes is “neigh”, which is part of the word “neighborhood”.  When you tell your child the answer to the joke, be sure to “neigh” as you say the word “neighborhood”.

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