Safety in Numbers

by Laurie Laurendeau on September 27, 2011

As most of you know, I am a teacher and now private tutor.  I work with students from Pre-Kindergarten to 7th Grade, so you can imagine the diversity of skills that I work on in any given day.  Last week, I had an interesting encounter with two 3rd grade girls.  We were playing some Math games, and one activity required each of them to write down their phone number and street address, and subsequently add up all the digits to make a larger sum.  Both girls looked at me with a bewildered look as they both admitted that they did not know their phone number, nor did they know their street address.  I usually cover this skill with my Pre-K or Kindergarten students, but it got me thinking that we can’t assume that older children know the important numbers they need for their own personal safety.  If you have younger children, please be sure to do the following today:

  • Ask your child if he knows his phone number.  If he doesn’t, be sure to review it daily until he learns it.
  • For older children, be sure they also know other important phone numbers such as a parent’s cell phone number or a good friend’s phone number.
  • Be sure your child knows the 3-digit area code for his phone number as well.  Explain how you must dial this code if you are far from home.
  • Next, be sure your child knows his house number, as well as the name of your neighborhood (if applicable).
  • Once your child learns his phone number and address, quiz him periodically to ensure he has memorized it longer term.
  • Finally, ask your child to add up all the digits of his phone number and street address… just for fun!

Laurie  🙂

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