The Hunger Games: Chapters 13-15

by Laurie Laurendeau on July 3, 2012

Chapter 13 Summary:

  • Kat scrambles out of tree, grabs whatever she can, runs, follows the animals
  • Heat and smoke are horrible
  • Kat knows the Gamemakers set the fire to liven things up
  • There are two groups: the Career Pack and the rest of the tributes – the fire will drive them together
  • Kat’s jacket catches on fire, she extinguishes it
  • Throws up from coughing, smoke in lungs
  • Under a rock, a fireball blasts at her, then several more
  • To remain still is death – they want the tributes moving
  • She throws up again, notices fire has burned 6 inches of her hair
  • Another fireball – hits her right calf – burns leg and hands
  • Finds a pool of water, tries to soothe burns, and bathes
  • Decides to stay by pond
  • Hears footsteps – it’s the Careers, she runs, climbs a tree (in agonizing pain)
  • Careers are at base of tree, but Kat thinks she has an advantage 20 feet up because she’s 50-60 pounds lighter than any of them
  • She calls down to them, invites them up the tree
  • Cato agrees, thinks of taking the bow and arrow (Kat now realizes that Peeta distracted her from getting the bow and arrow from the cornucopia on the first day).
  • He decides to take his sword
  • Kat climbs further up the tree, Cato falls to ground (branch broke)
  • A girl named Glimmer tries to climb up, branches crack, she tries to shoot an arrow at Kat – not good – Kat’s now 80 feet up
  • They give up on Kat for now, decide to try again in the morning
  • Kat makes a bed in tree, can’t sleep
  • She sees eyes looking at her from next tree, think it’s a possum, but it’s little Rue.  Kat’s not sure how long she’s been there
  • Rue points up Kat’s tree

Chapter 14 Summary:

  • About 15 feet up in the tree is a wasp’s nest
  • Kat fears they are Tracker Jackers = deadly
  • Kat decides to saw off the branch with the hive, so that it will fall on the Careers below.  She does it during the anthem to muffle the sound.
  • She gets about ¾ done, the anthem ends, she must stop
  • She goes back to her spot in tree, finds 1st sponsor gift: small plastic pot on a silver parachute – medicine – she puts it on her burns
  • Goes to sleep, next morning, eats/drinks a bit.  She whispers to Rue, Rue hops several trees over, Careers are sleeping
  • Kat climbs up to the hive, saws off the branch, Kat gets stung by 3 tracker jackers, hive falls, Careers get stung, run.  Glimmer dies.  Other girl dies too.
  • Kat remembers that she had bow and arrow – goes to get it
  • Careers return, she tries to shoot arrow, can’t
  • Peeta appears, he tells her to run
  • She doesn’t know if she’s hallucinating (from the bee stings)
  • She realizes that Peeta just saved her life

Chapter 15 Summary:

  • Poison seems to be out of Kat’s body, she’s not sure how much time has passed (1 or 2 days?)
  • She arrows a rabbit, gets cleaned off in water, treats burns
  • Builds fire, cooks meat
  • Sees Rue in next tree, asks if she wants to form an alliance
  • Shares food with Rue, Rue gives her leaves to treat burns
  • Kat puts ointment on Rue’s forearm
  • We learn that District 11 is agriculture-based, but they’re forbidden to eat any of it
  • Kat and Rue pool their food, and divide it up
  • Rue has a slingshot, socks, water skin, shard of rock
  • Rue sees Kat’s “sunglasses”, which Kat felt were useless, because she couldn’t see properly – Rue tells her they’re night vision glasses
  • Girls share a sleeping bag, go to sleep
  • Wake up, missed 2 nights, find out that there are 10 tributes left
  • Kat tells Rue that Peeta saved her life
  • Rue tells her that she spied on Careers, and Peeta is no longer with them
  • Kat tries glasses, can see everything
  • Rue tells her Careers have 2 pairs too
  • Rue says how much stronger the Careers are
  • Kat says – Careers can’t feed themselves, but they have supplies
  • Kat thinks of a plan to take their supplies…



  1. When Kat is up the tree, why does she call down to the tributes below and invite them up?
  2. Find 5 tricky vocabulary words, and write each of them in a sentence of your own.


  1. The tracker jackers’ stings make Kat hallucinate (see things that aren’t real).  Tell about the things she sees.
  2. Find 5 tricky vocabulary words, and write each of them in a sentence of your own.


  1. Kat and Rue form an alliance.  How does each girl benefit from the other one being their ally?
  2. Write a summary of Chapter 15.


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