The Hunger Games: Chapters 10-12

by Laurie Laurendeau on June 26, 2012

Chapter 10 Summary:

  • The crowd loves the idea of Peeta and Kat in love
  • Kat is angry.  They stand for the anthem, then go back to the Training Center
  • Kat shoves Peeta into an urn, he falls, gets cut
  • Effie, Haymitch, Cinna and Portia come
  • Haymitch explains to Kat that what happened with Peeta was a good thing for her = more sponsors.  Kat begins to understand.
  • They eat dinner, Peeta gets his hands wrapped in bandages
  • They watch the replay on TV
  • Effie and Haymitch say their goodbyes
  • Kat goes to bed, can’t sleep, wonders what the terrain of the Games will be like
  • She goes up to the roof, sees Peeta.  They watch the party in the streets.
  • Peeta says he wants to die as himself, Kat is angry because she’s trying to be practical
  • She goes to bed.  The next morning, Cinna comes to the roof, hovercraft comes, picks Kat up, she’s frozen, and a woman gives her a shot as a tracking device, she becomes unfrozen.
  • They ride for about ½ hour, then the windows get dark, they arrive at the Arena, Kat goes down into a chamber – “Launch Room”
  • She gets dressed, Cinna pins the mockingjay pin on her
  • They say their goodbyes, then Kat is lifted up in a cylinder and hears the announcer Claudius Templesmith announce the start of the 74th Games

Chapter 11 Summary:

  • The terrain is flat, there may be a cliff, a lake, some woods, and a cornucopia with “life” objects inside
  • Kat sees a bow and arrow – she wants it
  • They all take off, Kat grabs a piece of plastic, a loaf of bread, and an orange backpack, runs for the woods.  A girl throws a knife at her.
  • Kat keeps the knife, keeps going deeper into the woods, downhill
  • She looks in backpack:  sleeping bag, crackers, beef strips, iodine, matches, a coil of wire, sunglasses, and an empty bottle
  • She sets a snare, makes camp in a tree
  • As night falls, a giant screen floats in the sky, and they show the faces of the dead tributes – 11 of them.  Peeta is alive.
  • In the night, Kat awakens to a noise, someone is nearby, starting a fire! She’s angry because it will attract attention.
  • Dawn approaches, several people come, kill a girl.  They’re hunting in packs.
  • They check the girl for supplies, nothing good
  • They come within 10 yards of Kat, she remains still
  • Group wonders why they haven’t heard any cannons (to signal a death), they argue if the girl is really dead
  • A boy says I’ll go finish her and then let’s move on
  • They boy is Peeta.

Chapter 12 Summary:

  • Kat is angry that Peeta went for the supplies in the cornucopia (the opposite of what they were told to do) and that he teamed up with the Career Tributes
  • The “pack” talks about Peeta while he’s gone – they debate killing him, but decide to let him “tag along” so they can find “her” (Kat).  Kat overhears this.
  • Peeta returns, said he had to kill the girl.  Cannon goes off.
  • Hovercraft comes, picks up dead girl
  • Kat gets out of tree, checks snares, there was one rabbit
  • She cooks the rabbit over the dead girl’s fire – cameras are showing all of this
  • She’s glad her sponsors can see that she can hunt
  • She still doesn’t have any water
  • Kat is very weak.  She climbs a tree, sleeps
  • Next day, she says “water” in hopes that a sponsor will gift this to her – they don’t – she thinks Haymitch is trying to tell her that she’s getting close to water
  • Finds mud, then lilies, then a pond!  Puts iodine in bottle with water, slowly drinks a gallon of water
  • Night 3 – goes up in a tree, nobody died today
  • Wakes up to a stampede of feet and a wall of fire!



  1. Kat is angry about her and Peeta “pretending” to be in love.  Why is it actually an advantage?
  2. Peeta says, “I want to die as myself.”  Explain.


1. Describe the terrain  in the arena with as much detail as possible.  Be sure to describe it in your own words.

2. List the items that Kat had in her backpack, and beside each item, describe how you think that item might be useful to her in the Games.


  1. What are the 2 main things that Kat is angry at Peeta for at the beginning of the chapter?

2. Why is Kat happy that the cameras are filming her?


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