The Hunger Games: Chapters 7-9

by Laurie Laurendeau on June 19, 2012

I hope you are enjoying The Hunger Games so far!  Here are the chapter summaries and follow-ups for chapters 7-9:

Chapter 7 Summary:

  • The next day, Kat gets up, goes down to the dining room, eats breakfast
  • She daydreams of her mom and Prim
  • We find out that the tributes will practice together for 3 days of training, then on the last afternoon, they can practice in private
  • Haymitch tells Peeta and Kat that they can be coached separately (in case they wanted to hide certain skills from one another)
  • They tell him that they’d like to be coached together
  • They discuss their own skills:  Kat: bow and arrow, snares   Peeta: good with a knife, strong, wrestling
  • We find out that Peeta’s mom thought Kat would win the Games
  • Haymitch tells them not to show their talents, but rather to work on other ones
  • He tells them he wants them together (in public) at all times
  • Kat’s angry about having to pretend to be Peeta’s friend
  • Kat goes to meet Effie and Peeta in training room
  • It’s the first time they’ve all seen each other (the other tributes) in normal clothes
  • Kat and Peeta go to the knot tying station
  • In the following 3 days, they go to the other stations (fire starting, knife throwing, shelter-making)
  • All 24 tributes have lunch together, Peeta and Kat struggle for conversation
  • They report back to Haymitch and Effie at meal times about their days
  • Day 3: they have their private sessions with the Gamemakers
  • Kat shoots with the bow and arrow, misses the first time, then she gets it.
  • Several Gamemakers aren’t paying attention (they’re feasting)
  • Kat gets angry, and shoots an arrow in the direction of the Gamemakers.  It skewers the apple in the roasted pig’s mouth
  • Everyone stares at her in disbelief
  • Kat leaves without being dismissed

Chapter 8 Summary:

  • Katniss regrets having shot the arrow at the Gamemakers
  • She wonders if her family might now be at risk
  • We find out that the Gamemakers announce a score for each player (it gives the audience a starting place for betting)
  • The Career Tributes get scores between 8 and 10
  • Little Rue gets a 7, Katniss an 11! Peeta gets an 8
  • We learn how Katniss met Gale in the woods, and how they slowly began trusting one another, and helped each other hunt
  • The next day at breakfast, no one is talking
  • We find out that Peeta has asked to be coached separately…

Chapter 9 Summary:

  • Kat feels betrayed
  • She works with Effie for 4 hours on “presentation” – walking in heels, sitting, proper posture, etc.
  • She works with Haymitch on “content” next – interview questions
  • Katniss is hating every minute of it
  • She goes back to her room, she’s mad and throws dishes
  • The girl with the red hair comes in, wipes Kat’s face, helps clean up
  • Kat says she should have tried to have helped her (that day in the woods). The girl nods no
  • Next day, Kat works with Cinna – costume design, nails, hair
  • She has a beautiful jeweled dress
  • Cinna suggest to Kat that she look directly at him, as a friend, while she answers the interview questions, to help her be herself
  • All 24 tributes go out onto a stage
  • There is a bleacher full of guests, TV crews, and crowds in the streets
  • Caesar Flickerman is the host of the interviews
  • Kat does well in the interview, the audience likes her
  • Peeta admits he loves Katniss



  1. In this chapter, we learn about Katniss and Peeta’s special skills. List as many of these skills for both tributes.
  2. Why does Katniss shoot an arrow at the pig?


  1. Why does Kat regret shooting the arrow at the pig?
  2. Find 5 tricky vocabulary words, and write each of them in a sentence of your own.


  1. Write a summary of Chapter 9.
  2. What did Peeta mean when he said at the end of the chapter, “winning won’t help in my case”?


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