Joke of the Week: What color is a burp?

by Laurie Laurendeau on February 2, 2012

Children LOVE telling jokes.  Kids often tell a joke and giggle hysterically, but often they don’t really understand why the joke is even funny.  That is because most jokes are play-on-words, or they are funny because a word in the joke might have two meanings, or the word could be a homonym.  Being able to interpret multiple meanings of words is an important reading comprehension skill. So, why not encourage your child’s love of joke-telling, and make it an educational experience at the same time?!

JOKE: What color is a burp?

ANSWER: Burple!

EXPLANATION: Burple of course is not a real world, but it sounds a lot like “purple”, which is a color.  So, the joke is taking the word “burp” and putting it in the beginning of the word “purple”.

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